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The location
The ground area
Building area
Production item
Production ability
<Overview of facilities>
①Product processing machine
②Down and feathe processing facilities
③Sewing machine
④Needle detector
⑤Cutting machine
West Feather Corporation
6-8-10 Minamiyama, Kato-Shi, Hyogo,Japan
8,909.85㎡ (A building derred floor space)
Down comforter , Pillow , down material processing  
Down comforter 2,000pcs/a day
Down power up processing 3,000kg/a day
Full time workers 19(Male 14,Female 5)
Part time workers 16(Male 1,Female 15)
Down and feather filling automatic machine:14
Down power up machine:2lines
Lock stiching sewing machine:13
Two needles sewing machine:3
Hem scroll sewing machine:1
Automatic roller type:1
Desk top type:1
Handy type:1